Imagine for a moment that you have just become a grandparent. Yes that little love of yours has grown up, and made a family of their own. And now, you are Grandma or Grandpa. CRAZY right? This is a big moment for you too! This is why I LOVE involving grandparents in newborn shoots when it works out. I love seeing the new bond between grandparent and grandchild. If your parents are in town around the time of your newborn session, give them the opportunity of snagging a few photos with their new grandchild at the end of the shoot. * Key word being at the end. Or at the beginning for that matter. My newborn sessions are really designed to give you and your new family a chance to love on each other, so I recommend letting your parents know to come for either the beginning or the end of the shoot and give your your space during the rest of the session so you can fully relax. Think about how special photos with the grandparents will be for your kid to treasure one day.