Because... babies.

It’s safe to say just about everyone loves babies. They have the softest skin, the biggest eyes, and they have the BEST smell. These are some of the most amazing moments, that you will want to remember forever.

Sessions are considered "newborn" up until 3 months old.

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Scroll down for FAQs about newborn sessions



When should we book/schedule our newborn session?

This is a tough one, but try not to stress! Luckily, newborn sessions can be pretty flexible with timing, and I do a lot of weekday morning sessions for newborns. Booking can really take place whenever works for you! I have booked up to 6 months in advance, or even after the baby is born. It’s up to you! There is no wrong time.

You might hear a lot of jabber around scheduling your shoot in the first 2 weeks. Yes, everything is new, and your baby sleeps a ton, but in my experience, the magic timing is the 4-6 week time frame. The 2 week point is usually meant for newborn photographers that do a lot of posed photos with props. If you wait a few more weeks,  you have had a chance to settle into your new normal, and your babe has gotten more personality. You will be able to see more alertness, and big wide open eyes. This is also a little bit more of what they will look like as they grow.


What should we wear?

My favorite answer, light neutrals. Baby skin tones can be so finicky, and since you will be holding the baby a lot, I urge you to stick to simple light neutrals or denim. Black works too, but lighter shades help reflect light onto your baby’s skin. And Bright/bold colors may reflect color casts onto skin tones.

In general, I want you to be comfortable, and feel at your best, so if you have something you want to wear, but aren’t sure about, just ask!

And for your baby. This is a little easier. Keep it simple, timeless, and comfy. Kitschy outfits are adorable, but I want these photos to really ring true to your baby’s personality and their favorite outfits. Wouldn’t you rather look back and remember the outfits fondly than something you purchased specifically for photos? Again, we will go over this all when I arrive for your shoot and can make a game plan for your baby’s outfit choices.


What if they need to eat or are fussy during the shoot?

Totally expected!! Like really, I expect you to need to feed or soothe the baby during the shoot. I run my newborn sessions with no time limit, so we have plenty of time to take breaks, and go at the flow of the baby. We will not rush it, no matter what. The minute we try to rush it, is when the baby will catch on and become a little extra stressed. So make some coffee, put on some music, and we will have fun!

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