Oh but it's just photos...

Think about it. These are the photos that your kids will show their kids, and so on. These are the things you will grab to save from a fire.

This is your family’s story, so let’s do it right.

Have questions? I have answers!


Where should we have our session?

This all depends on you! (and the weather, ugh). I personally love shooting in your home. It tends to capture more personality and will allow your kids to feel more comfortable. If anything, it’s always fun to start there and then venture out together. Let’s walk to the park, or stop by your favorite ice cream joint. If shooting in your home isn’t the best option (we do need natural light), then lets meet at your favorite park!  I will make sure we have it alllllll figured out before your shoot.


How can I prep my kids and family for the session?

A few big pointers here..

  • DO tell them it’s going to be so much fun. I’m planning on having a blast with you.
  • DON’T offer your kids a bribe. At all! It hurts our chances of great attitudes. Trust me on this one.
  • DO pick out outfits ahead of time, but DON’T stress about it. I’ll make sure you have all the necessary information about how to dress. Hint* I just want you to feel great and be comfy! 
  • DO bring along snacks (regulars that your kids love)
  • DO bring along any easy to pack activities! Like chalk/bubbles/balls etc.
  • If the shoot is at your home, DON’T stress about it being perfect, but DO clear any super noticeable clutter, and open the curtains and blinds!

How long is the family session?

As long as it takes! I kid, I kid, but really I don’t set a time limit. I am there to capture your family in all it’s glory. The sessions tend to run about an hour, but could be a little less, could be more. I would say everyone is ready for a nap after an hour and a half, so for scheduling purposes that is my max.

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