What time should we schedule our shoot for?

This all depends on where your session will take place, and the time of year. Indoors or at home allows for a little flexibility, but the best times are usually in the late morning. This tends to be the brightest time in homes/apartments. We are looking for times in your home when we don’t need to turn on lamps/lights. This could be anytime from morning to early afternoon. You know your home best, so I will count on your to help guide me in the brightest time for your home. Note** this does not mean direct light coming in the windows, but rather bright in your home overall.

If your session is outdoors, things are a little more rigid. Sessions are scheduled within the first 2 hours following sunrise in the morning, and the 2 hours before sunset in the afternoon. Have you ever heard of golden hour? Well its a real thing and it can make all the difference! I know it can be tempting to just try and schedule it when it will be easiest to wake up and get ready, but remember, this is an investment. I would hate for you to end up with unflattering lighting because of convenience. That’s something I can’t control. Long story short, for THE best light, go early or later in the day. It’s worth it, trust me. Note** the only exception to this rule is when the day is overcast and the morning is too dark. Overcast days are beautifully versatile and allow us more flexibility with timing.


What if my child is grumpy and doesn't want to participate? 

First of all, prepare for this. Your child will most likely not behave how you are hoping. Is that a problem?  NOPE. Not at all. The best thing you can do for your kids, is set them up for success. What does that mean? Have them eat before our shoot. And have some snacks on hand. And More snacks! You get goldfish, you get goldfish, we all get goldfish!!! Not joking. It helps. 

One thing I want to warn you about, is bribing your kids. It may be tempting to have treats, toys or other fun things on hand to make sure your kid behaves but think about this first. I want your kids (and you!) to see this as a fun experience! The minute you feel you have to bribe them, they see it as you telling them that it won’t be fun, and there’s no going back. Those kind of situations make it so hard for me to do my job. So I’m going to ask, leave the bribing at home, and don’t worry about your kid having a temper tantrum, I’ve seen it before. I have my ways with kids, and have so many games and tricks up my sleeve to make this fun for everyone. So let’s make it happen and let’s make it fun! 


What do we need to do at home to prepare?

This may seem daunting. Having a photographer come into your home? Heck yeah it would feel intimidating! Take a deep breath. I know you have lives, I know there will be clutter. I don’t expect your home to be spotless or perfect. What you can do is look at your home, and the spaces that have the best natural light. We will be turning off all the lights, and I can help you to move any clutter or distracting things when I arrive. I would just say, make your bed, clear-off the couch and tidy up as much as possible. But don’t stress about it. We will make it work!


What happens if we're sick? If you're sick?

Sick happens! hah.
But really it does, and I know. Especially with kids. So take your time to take care of whoever is under the weather, and we will reschedule! I try and keep my schedule flexible enough to allow for sicknesses or other unforeseen circumstances.


Will you retouch our photos?

Short answer… ish. I edit the photos to the quality you see on my website. This includes color correction and exposure adjustment. I am also (most of the time) able to remove minor blemishes that are temporary (ie, acne, cuts or scrapes). I do not make you look thinner, or change hair colors. Anything unnatural is out of my wheelhouse, and honestly not my style. But don’t worry! I will do my best to make sure everyone is looking their best in your photos.


Where should we have our session?

This all depends on you! (and the weather, ugh). I personally love shooting in your home. It tends to capture more personality and will allow your kids to feel more comfortable. If anything, it’s always fun to start there and then venture out together. Let’s walk to the park, or stop by your favorite ice cream joint. If shooting in your home isn’t the best option (we do need natural light), then lets meet at your favorite park!  I will make sure we have it alllllll figured out before your shoot.


How long does the session take?

As long as it takes! I kid, I kid, but really I don’t set a time limit. I am there to capture your family in all it’s glory. The sessions tend to run about an hour, but could be a little less, could be more. I would say everyone is ready for a nap after an hour and a half, so for scheduling purposes that is my max.

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