Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?  

Brooklyn, New York! Although I do love to travel, so for locations outside Brooklyn and Manhattan, Contact Me for information on travel fees.

Where should we do our session? 

Well, you have a couple options here! 

  • At Home/Neighborhood- My personal favorite… in keeping this session true to your family, this option is great for keeping things comfortable and easy. This allows for a relaxed session doing some of your favorite everyday activities. Think neighborhood walks and tickle fights on the bed. 
  • On Location- I have my own little arsenal of my favorite places to shoot…but I am open to new ideas! I Love different textures, colors walls, nature, and pretty much anywhere with good light!

When should we schedule our session? 

They don’t call it the golden hour for nothing. But for reals, sunrise is some of the most magical and beautiful light… not to mention it means a lot of empty spaces and not having to dodge tourists. That being said, there is also great light in the few hours following sunrise too. My ideal times are the 3 hours following sunrise and the 3 hours leading up to sunset. BUT, I can make pretty much any time work, so no stress! 

Do we get the downloads of the images? 

Of course! With EVERY session! Comes with a print release so you can print out some of these beauties.

Do you provide prints?  

I have some amazing print labs that I work with that you can order with directly through me. They have been quality tested by yours truly and I know they will make great additions to your home!  You are able to purchase these prints and other products directly from your online gallery. 

What should we wear? Everyone in matching white polo shirts right?? 

NO. Oh lordy no. I mean to each their own, but to make these photos really reflect your family, that is not the best option. Go with what you are most comfortable/confident in. I.e. if you don’t wear stilettos every day, that might not be the most “you.” When in doubt, go with colors and layers! Only stipulation, skip the small stripes and tight knit plaids as they don’t photograph well. 

Let’s talk editing, can you take off 15lbs for me?! 

I love every single one of my clients exactly as they are, so if you are hoping to have a beautifully photoshopped/altered image, I am not the gal for you. I want these photos to reflect you, being yourself with your family! Yes, I can edit out small zits or scars if need be, but I tend to keep it as natural as possible. That being said, if you would like us to do further retouching or editing to any of your images (within reason), let me know and I can send you our editing pricing (this is mainly used for professional headshots). I know a lot of people have their heart set on one photo of everyone looking at the camera smiling. I will do my best, but I cannot guarantee a perfect take. I have some tricks up my sleeve, so when it comes to photographing your kids I ask that you let me do my thing to get your kids comfortable and having fun.

Do you offer mini-sessions?

Great question! And the answer is sometimes. Every once in awhile I offer mini sessions in the fall and spring, but it really depends on my schedule that year. I DO NOT offer mini-sessions any times outside of my specified dates. As much as I love getting to meet so many new families, I really love the product of a full family shoot. Your kids get more comfortable with me, we get into a groove, and that’s where the magic happens.

I would love to get my hair and makeup done for my Maternity or Newborn shoot! Do you have any referrals? 

Yes! Angela Lindersmith is actually an old friend from middle school and an AMAZING makeup artist and hair stylist (view her work HERE). We have worked out a great deal for you as an option for your session. I know how stressful and hectic life can be in those first few days/weeks/months so taking the worry out of “getting ready” can make your session feel like a special day and help you enjoy it! We will handle the coordination of it all, and you will pay Angela the day of the shoot. This addition starts at $125 for simple hair and makeup styling. Contact Me for more info!